Induction Pass

Is an application that enables Sub-Contractors and other trades to complete the induction process off-site on a smartphone, tablet or home PC.

They simply download the app, register, enter their details, watch the safety presentation and complete the induction questions. When they arrive on site, they can access the site-specific information and complete the process on their smartphone.

Induction Pass operates in conjunction with Induction Manager to check that everyone has completed the company induction process and have agreed to the site-specific rules.

This improves HSE compliance, mitigates risk and maintains a Site Safe working environment.

Induction Manager

Enables Site Managers to carry out inductions using a convenient Android/iPad app or via our website on their PC. It connects to the CSCS and other industry databases and automatically checks if the card is genuine and in date.

When the induction process is complete the system captures the information, this can be retrieved if they are inducted again on other sites.

Induction Manager saves your company’s group and site-specific questions. It ensures GDPR requirements are met and stores the information in a single database for easy retrieval via our web portal.

The system is far more efficient than using basic paper forms. Information is held securely and provides an accurate and historic record that trades have been inducted correctly and are eligible to be on site.

Site Register

Site Register is for trades people to log their arrival and departure on site. The app recognises a QR code displayed on site and a tradesperson cannot sign in unless they have a valid in date induction record.

Site Register replaces your old paper sign in, sign out book and links their Induction record to allowing site access.

Management Web Portal

All data on our management portal is stored securely in the Cloud. Managers can access this information from any location to view reports, investigate incidents, check individual records and review dashboards showing the systems performance.